Mr. David is a conglomeration of multiple nationalities and cultures as his strange accent attests to. Born in Denver, Colorado to an American mother and Puerto Rican father he has lived in New Zealand, Poland, Hungary, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all points inside of the United States of America. His modest travels have included visits to all of Western and Central Europe, Montenegro, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Jordan, Hong Kong, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Hawai’i, Jamaica, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and more. He currently resides in Saudi Arabia because it is somewhere new and interesting for the moment. His dream is a fairly common one. To travel from the ancient city of Athens to the Arctic by way of The City of Sails in a sled pulled by guinea pigs.
David is a firemen by trade, but comedian, writer, humanist, traveler, dreamer, and all around good guy by desire. He learned his trade in the Washington D.C. Fire Department and currently resides in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia working as Firefighter Training Instructor for the Royal Saudi Air Force.
He is a point and shoot photographer. He wants everything in his pictures; wires, flies, red eyes, people making ugly faces, lampposts. As long as it is in focus it is perfect. He believes a picture should be a snapshot of reality, like the hundred year old badly pixelated photos of West Coast miners, notwithstanding the posing. Photoshop is a disgrace in his opinion.

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